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Scissors? Razor? Plucking? ... Try Brazilian Waxing instead !

When you want to go further than a classic bikini wax but don’t fancy anything quite as extreme as a Hollywood wax - go for a Brazilian. Think of it as a sound middle ground between all off, and all on.


The Brazilian is a form of bikini wax that ensures a neat, tidy finish and keeps you ready for swimsuit season at all times. Brazilian addicts say that once they try this type of wax, they never go back and it’s now one of the most popular hair removal treatments across the UK.

Brazilian waxing was first introduced to New York in the late 1980’s by seven South American born sisters who specialised in the technique.

It quickly caught on and as fashion and lingerie styles changed, the Brazilian soared in popularity and went from a boutique treatment to becoming totally mainstream. Now everybody is at it!

A thorough Brazilian wax should last you 3-4 weeks. The first time that you have your intimate areas waxed it is likely to hurt a bit, but only very briefly.

Do tell our beautician if you’re a waxing virgin and don’t be shy about asking for a break if things become too painful. Our therapist may tell to breathe out as the hair is removed or use shorter strips on smaller patches to help you work your way up from a bikini wax if you want to.

The second time around is much easier you’ll be pleased to know!

Your hair is likely to be shorter and will get thinner and weaker with regular treatments. Don’t let any of this put you off, an experienced Brazilian waxing practitioner will get the job over and done within minutes.

The Brazilian waxing process itself is fairly straightforward and should take no more than 30 minutes.


The Brazilian waxing process itself is fairly straightforward and should take no more than 30 minutes. You’ll be taken to a private room and asked to strip off from the waist down. You may be offered a disposable g-string in place of you normal knickers which, whilst providing limited coverage, may make you feel more comfortable.

Do remember, though, that whilst you might feel awkward, the person doing the waxing has seen this view thousands of time and will conduct your treatment in a professional and methodical manner.

The treatment begins with you lying in a comfortable position with your back on a table which is covered by towels and clean paper sheets.

Wax is first applied to the groin area, with hair removal starting out wide and working in towards more sensitive areas leaving a narrow strip of hair in the centre of a width of your choosing.

You may be asked to adopt a butterfly position by putting the soles of your feet together and letting your knees fall apart or turn around onto all fours. This enables the therapist to work from front to back and tackle the entire area. Just go with it...


How can you prepare for a Brazilian?

For starters you do a little home-tidy before you turn up for your appointment, trimming in advance can make matters easier for your therapist.

Pop a painkiller before the treatment to help you relax and numb the sensation.

Regulars will advise you to avoid waxing around the time of your period, due to increased sensitivity.

You can also pick a salon which offers hard wax as this attaches to individual hairs so is gentler and cools as it solidifies, being removed by hand, rather than with strips as soft wax is. A little research goes a long way.

Victoria Beauty Salon in Victoria offers Brazilian Waxing for £31 for half hour.

Plus we are offering an extra 15% of on all massage and waxing treatments this January.

Hurry up and book this exciting offer before it runs out !

Source: Treatwell

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