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"My go-to salon for eyebrow threading in London! Lovely staff and great new location."


—  Marleen Waarts



If you are after perfectly shaped eyebrows or a peach fuzz-free face but are not ready for dermaplanting just yet, then threading at Victoria Beauty Salon is the answer. Our Facial Threading hair removal is precise and fast and gives your face a smooth finish for up to six weeks. You’ll be in and out of the chair within fifteen minutes. Painless (mostly)!

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Threading at Victoria Beauty Salon London

Threading is a natural and effective hair removal method that is softer on your skin.

  • First, your therapist powders and prepares your skin and facial hair.

  • Then, using high-cotton thread, your therapist carefully pulls and slides the thread across your face, multiple times, plucking away the unwanted hair.

If you have sensitive, delicate skin, but still want to get rid of peach fuzz and unwanted facial hair, try threading.

The benefits go far beyond the aesthetic alone (which is amazing, take our word for it)! For starters, it’s the gentlest hair removal treatment for your skin, and the pain is minimal, often being described as the feeling of tweezing a few hairs at once. On that note, threading will also save you time because, unlike other hair removal treatments, you won’t need to pluck between now and your next session! Depending on the density of your hair, the results usually last around 5-6 weeks.


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