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Our highly qualified beauticians at Victoria Beauty Salon offer a range of high quality beauty treatments.

You can choose from Facials, Nails, Massage, Waxing, Microblading, Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Laser Hair Removal and many more. We offer affordable and highly competitive prices.

Dear customers,


The government has announced that the expected easing of lockdown on 1st August has been delayed by at least a fortnight.
We had hoped and expected that face treatments would be able to reopen from Saturday 1st August, but now know that this is not the case.
The rise in Covid-19 cases has prompted the government to make this decision, saying "we should now squeeze that brake pedal to keep the virus under control".

For clarity, these are the treatments that the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has stipulated may not be resumed:

  • Facials

  • IPL Facial Treatments

  • Eyelash Extensions

  • Microblading

  • Tinting & Lamination

  • Threading Hair Removal

  • Facial Waxing Hair Removal

  • Facial Laser Hair Removal

We will not be taking any bookings for Face treatments from now until 16th August.

To be clear, 16th is not a confirmed reopening date, and we will continue to follow government updates as they are made.



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