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Victoria Beauty Salon Loyalty Scheme

Once you are a client at Victoria Beauty Salon, we will automatically enrol you to our Loyalty Scheme.

As a small business, our clients are our key to success and you can always help us succeed by visiting us more than once for your beauty treatment. In return, we will offer you a Loyalty Credit on your 10th visit.

We will keep a record of all your bookings and on your 10th visit, you will receive a credit worth 10% of all your previous 9 visits.

For example, if you had our Standard Eyelash Extension worth £40 for 9 times - that is a total of £360 spent with us. On your 10th visit, you will receive a Loyalty Credit of £36, i.e. 10% of £360.

This means you would only have to pay £4 instead of £40 for Standard Eyelash Extension on your 10th visit!

You don't have to use all your credit on your 10th visit only, instead you can use it on any of your future bookings. For example, if you booked a Traditional Pedicure worth £25 on your 10th visit and wish to pay us with your Loyalty Credit - you will still have an outstanding credit worth £11 which you can use on your 11th visit.

Don't worry if you are not usually aware of this Victoria Beauty Salon Loyalty Scheme. Our staff will keep a record of all your appointments, and we will definitely inform your about this scheme on or after your 9th visit with us.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Your Loyalty Credit only applies to you and cannot be transferred to any other person.


  • Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.


  • All discounts are given at the manager’s discretion and can be withdrawn at any time.

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