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Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment at Victoria Beauty Salon London

This article contains information about Dermalogica Active Clearing Treatment. This is a Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment provided at Victoria Beauty London.

Dermalogica Deep Cleansing Facial in Victoria

Perfect for anyone looking to be pampered. This facial helps eliminate impurities from pores, leaving the skin feeling and looking refreshed. The skin is conditioned and nourished.

An ideal maintenance facial for normal skin types as a preventative measure. This deep cleansing treatment softens sebum and is also ideal treatment for oily, acne prone & congested skins.

This purifying facial will include:

✔️ a deep pore cleansing,

✔️ deep double cleanse,

✔️ exfoliation,

✔️ blackhead removal if required,

✔️ removes oil and skin blockages,

✔️ a nourishing face masque as well as a relaxing facial massage.

You can expect your skin to feel more balanced and controlled after this facial.

✔️ Victoria Beauty Salon is a well established beauty salon in Central London, based in Victoria SW1, and is only 2 mins walk away from Victoria Station.

✔️ Our highly qualified and experienced therapists are dedicated to provide the highest quality of professional beauty treatments at very affordable prices.

We are currently offering 15% discount on this service. This offer expires 30th September.

*15% Discount will be applied when you pay in person at the salon.

Click the button below to see our treatment menu and book online now !

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